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About EOC

EOC provides FREE services to encourage and assist adults and high school students interested in continuing their education. Check out the EOC Newsletter and Calendar. Interested in a career in the health field? Don't know how or where to begin? Contact an EOC Planner today for guidance! Also, EOC will provide in person one-on-one services to those within the service area. (See EOC Offices & Staff for service area.

Our Educational Planners

Our EOC Educational Planners: Help you discover what career and/or school is best for you Give you information on GED classes and testing Assist you in applying to post secondary schools Assist you in completing financial aid forms AND MORE! Talent Search Educational Planners serve area junior and senior high schools. They offer various workshops with the goal of getting students to enroll in a post secondary school. Check to see if your school has a Talent Search/S.P.A.R.C. program.

Our Funding

The Educational Opportunity Center is funded by the TRIO Office of the U.S. Department of Education and offers FREE Career and Educational Counseling/Advising Services for eligible people over the age of 19 who are considering postsecondary educational options.

Educational Opportunity Centers, Inc.

Workshop List

Workshop List Career Decision Making Workshop with O’net Interest Inventory:

this workshop is for the undecided career changer that is looking for a starting point. The workshop includes an Interest Inventory to identify your Holland Occupational Code. From there we look to the High Priority Occupation List (HPO) as well as other market trends to determine future growth trends. The workshop also includes information on preparing for college and financial aid.

Financial Aid for Higher Education:

Everything you need to know about paying for college: FAFSA, PHEAA, scholarships & education incentives. This workshop keeps an eye to educating the adult student not only about how to pay for college but also financial literacy.

Assessing your Barriers to Education:

this workshop utilizes the Barriers Assessment Tool that leads the participant through a discussion on what they need to do to succeed in college; ultimately leading to a plan of action. Some of the barriers addressed: beliefs & expectations, academic issues, financial barriers, and personal situation barriers. This tool is meant to provide the groundwork needed to become a successful post-secondary student. Information

Career Exploration in Manufacturing & Skilled Trades with Energy:

Workshop includes: Employment opportunities; skill set required for these careers; what employers are looking for in candidates; wage data; growth trends; training options; apprenticeship opportunities; and career ladders within this industry cluster. Information will cover both advanced manufacturing occupations and skilled mechanical/construction trades. There is also a discussion on the energy careers like: natural gas, electricity and solar energy.

Career Exploration in Transportation & Warehousing:

Workshop includes: Employment opportunities; skill set required for these careers; background required; wage data; growth trends; training options; and career ladders within this cluster. Covered will be companies and occupations in the trucking, warehousing, distribution, wholesale, logistics and supply chain management industry clusters.

Career Exploration in Health Careers:

this workshop is a comprehensive look at the health careers. Topics covered are training options; career ladders, accrediting agencies, financial aid opportunities, and open positions. Free courses are also provided to increase knowledge.

Scholarships! Scholarships! Scholarships!:

Yes, Virginia: there are scholarships for you. This workshop assists the partipants with finding scholarships, writing the essays, as well as showing them where to find them. This is a good workshop for new and enrolled students.

Career Exploration for Business fields:

this workshop includes an exploration of careers in business, accounting, administration, and marketing. The exploration includes training options, open positions, KSAOCs as well as ways to prepare for a career in this arena.

If you’d like our office to conduct any of these workshops at your facility, please call Carolyn Quinn at (570) 496-0296 or Updated March 2015

Educational Opportunity Centers Locations

Scranton Area Office

Scranton Area Office Location: 431 N. 7th Avenue, 7th Avenue Center, Scranton, PA 18503 Phone: (570)496-0296 Fax: Staff: EOC Academic Specialist - Carolyn Quinn Talent Search Academic Specialist for students at our target high schools

Kingston Area Office

Kingston Area Office Location: 107 Gateway Shopping Center, Edwardsville, PA 18704 Phone: (570)331-6755 Fax: (570)331-6757 Staff: EOC Academic Specialist - Talent Search Academic Specialist for students at our target high schools Information Manager/Secretary - Tina Gattuso Executive Director - Sharon Bartolini Fiscal Manager - Laura Supkowski

Bloomsburg Area Office

Bloomsburg Area Office Location: 16 Sherwood Drive; Bloomsburg, PA 17815 Phone: (570)316-3818 Fax: Staff: EOC Academic Specialist - Elaine Sheatler

Hazelton Area Office

Hazleton Area Office Location: 1710-A East Broad Street, Hazleton, PA 18201 Phone: (570)454-6161 Fax: (570)454-0869 Staff: EOC Academic Specialist- Hazleton office also serves Allentown area with an English/Spanish speaking Academic Specialist Rosmeri Tejeda: (610) 554-0805 Talent Search Academic Specialist for students at our target high schools Information Manager/Secretary - Bethann Genetti